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Don Stott

One of the greatest frauds today, is that ethanol reduces carbon dioxide (C02) emissions, and in doing so, saves the earth from global climate change.  Responsible scientists say that CO2 plays no role in climate change, and shows up well after any increase or decrease of temperatures.  Ethanol is bad science.  It is bad for the engines of cars that must use such a gasoline blend.  It increases the cost of gasoline, and all other corn based products.  It actually increases the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.  It reduces the fuel mileage a car would get with pure gasoline.  An authority on the U.S. oil industry, is Sei Graham, the author of "Why Your Gasoline Prices Are High."  He is a man with more than fifty years experience.  First, as a petroleum reservoir engineer, and later as an oil and gas attorney.  He is also a graduate of West Point.  Here is what he has to say about the current gas prices:

"Abolishing the ethanol mandate, requiring ethanol to be blended with gasoline at the pump, would: (1) Lower gasoline prices by millions of dollars. (2) Result in billions of miles of free travel annually, (3)  Prevent millions of tons of carbon dioxide from being admitted into the air, and (4) Improve national security and the energy picture, since it is impossible for ethanol to ever replace foreign oil imports."

The so-called primary job of the EPA, is to protect our environment, but of course all it does is eat our dollars, hire tens of thousands of bureaucrats, and write thousands of regulations, which are unconstitutional.  Ethanol, actually creates more smog than using regular gas, and the EPA's own attorneys had to admit that fact in front of justices presiding over the Third Circuit Court Of Appeals in 1995 (API v. EPA).  Truly independent studies on ethanol, such as those written by Ted Patzek of Berkeley, and David Pimentel of Cornell, show that ethanol is a net energy loser.  All fuels laced with ethanol, reduce the vehicle's efficiency.  Ethanol laced gasoline is destroying engines across the country, in ever larger numbers.

City Garage manager Eric Greathouse, in Euless Texas,  has found that adding ethanol to the nation's gasoline supply, is a foolish mandate, but it has an upside for his business.  It's supplying his shop with a slow but steady stream of customers whose plastic fuel intakes have been dissolved by the blending of ethanol in gasoline.  That story can be repeated in thousands of repair shops and dealerships in America.  Lexus ordered a massive recall of certain 2006 to 2008 models.  According to the recall notice, the problem is that, "Ethanol fuels with low moisture content will corrode the internal surface of the fuel rails."  There are many lawsuits from boat owners, when ethanol broke down the resins in their fiberglass gas tanks, destroying their marine engines.  Those who deal in small engines for lawnmowers, edgers, and weedeaters, have quickly learned that, as Briggs & Stratton's Web Site warns, "Ethanol-blended gasoline can attract moisture, which leads to separation and formation of acids during storage.  Acidic  gasoline can damage the fuel system of an engine while in storage.  B&S strongly recommends removing ethanol-based fuels from engines during storage."

It now appears that, in just a few years, government forced use of ethanol has caused more and more damage to new and used vehicles.  This means that hapless owners are not only paying for snake oil in lower efficiency and more smog, but paying again, when it damages their vehicles and lawn mowers.

"In 2011, the US produced 23 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, making it the world's top producer.  In the same year, the US produced 5.67 million barrels of oil per day, making it the world's third largest oil producer.  The US has 261 billion tons of coal in proved reserves, making it the most in the world, and in addition, the US has 486 billion tons of coal in demonstrated reserve base, enough to last us for 485 years.

"In 2011, wind power produced 1.2%  and solar power produced 0.1% of the energy used in the US.  Federal subsidies in 2010, were $775.64 per megawatt of solar and $56.29 for wind.  Coal is, by far the cheapest way to generate electricity, with no subsidies at all..  Since 1970, coal fired plants have increased their output by 180%, while their pollution has decreased to the point where the US, CO2 emissions decreased by 4.4% from 1999 to 2009, while China's increased by 167% in the same period."

Obama and his gang, are trying and succeeding, with executive orders, and silly regulations, to shut down coal plants, which become cleaner and more efficient each year.  Texas had plans for five new coal fired plants, but those plans were squashed by D.C.

Last column for a week, or maybe two.  Going to California and driving up the coast.  Spring is just around the corner, and I don't want to be away from Colorado in spring, summer, and fall.  Besides, as of last Sunday, I'm 79, and can travel or do as I please, thank you!

P.S. the beauty of owning physical gold and silver, is that when prices go down, you still have it, as opposed to paper investments, when if prices go down, you are wiped out!  As I finish this, gold is down a mere 11% from its peak, which really isn't much, and is a great buying opportunity.  I'm gone, David is gone for three days, and Melissa is by herself for a couple of days, so be patient.

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