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The Energy and Currency Cartels, the Economy and Your Life
Szandor Blestman

When I express my views on energy and the future of humanity I am oft times labeled a dreamer. I am sometimes told the technologies I speak of are too expensive and are therefore not worth it for homeowners to install. I am told that homeowners would be better off financially if they continue to pay the low prices charged by energy companies with their coal burning and nuclear power plants. I am told that cars can't make the change over to battery power because the technology simply isn't there. I don't believe any of that is true. I think that technologies have been developed that are far ahead of anything many of us might imagine. I believe that the power elite I often talk about are preventing these technologies from getting out simply so they can continue to control your life.

The key to the above is control. It is not money. It is not profit. It is a way to maintain control over you and your life. It is a way to control everything, everywhere. As long as you are paying a certain percentage of your income to someone else so that you can power your refrigerators, televisions, computers and other electronics, you are dependent on their technologies and their aptitude. As long as that's the case, they'll be able to cut your power, for whatever reason they please, whether you like it or not. I'm not saying they will, or that you'd give them any reason to do it, but these are uncertain times we live in. We are dependent on oil and its supply can be interrupted for a variety of reasons.

The energy cartels are tied into another, more powerful cartel. They are tied into the currency cartel. This is a group of financial elites who supply the western world with its currencies, including the US dollar (in the form of Federal Reserve Notes, or FRNs) and the European Union's euro. It could be said that this really took hold when Nixon nullified the Bretton Woods agreement by decoupling the dollar from gold. He then went on to strike a deal with the Arab world that they would only sell their oil for dollars, hence creating the petrodollar and at the same time making the FRN the world's reserve currency. So should the need for oil as an energy source be greatly reduced or eliminated, some very powerful corporate interests would lose a great deal of their power and influence. This makes for a huge incentive for both the currency and energy cartels to make sure this doesn't happen.

Oil drives the economies of the Western world. Imagine a world where all modern devices are no longer able to operate. Imagine a world where cars and trucks no longer operated. How would product come to market? How would your electronic devices work? How would we communicate? Your iphones and ipads would be worthless collections of silicon and metal alloys. Your televisions, light bulbs, electric heaters and air conditioners would become relics of a bygone era. How long until all the modern processed food emptied from store shelves? In such a world one would soon either adapt or die. You could either learn the old ways, or we could develop new ways.

I don't like to sound like a gloom and doomer, but at the same time I don't want my positive nature to cause me to turn a blind eye to reality or history. The reality is that the energy and currency cartels have a tremendous amount of power and influence over our federal government and the senators and congressmen who claim to represent the people. History has shown that our "lawmakers" will make laws beneficial to these powers rather than laws beneficial to the economic under classes or protecting individual rights. The reality is that we've been going through a long economic depression. History shows that often times hard economic times end in massive and very destructive wars. History also shows that the same energy and currency cartels benefit greatly from those wars. Here's an interesting lecture on how all wars can be tracked back to private central bankers as the initial fomenters of events leading to war called "All Wars are Bankers' Wars" by Mike Rivero. I urge everyone reading this to listen to it all the way through.

Who are these men to make such monumental decisions? Who are they who feel they can threaten the most powerful governments on the planet? They threaten more than governments when they make such threats, they threaten you, your way of life, your children and grandchildren's future, and everyone's economic security. Who are they who feel they can decide the fates of millions? Who are they who would cause such human suffering to try to sate their own insatiable lust for wealth and power? Are these men gods? Are they demons? What magic do they hold over otherwise good men to cause them to turn against their fellow human beings?

These men are not gods or demons, though they might fancy themselves to be. They have no power over other men, but these other men let greed and lust for power rule over their judgment and corrupt their principles. They excuse their immorality by claiming it necessary for the "greater good," but in their hearts of hearts they know the greater good is not served and a great evil is perpetrated. Those they have corrupted claim a higher purpose, but they have been lowered to the basest of levels and seek to do the same to all mankind. These men are the central bankers. These men are the influential corporatists. These men may live amongst all the finest luxuries this physical world has to offer, but their souls are black as coal and their spirits reside in the depths of the deepest, most stagnant, most fetid marsh imaginable.

Money is not wealth, but those entrusted with its creation use it to enrich their own selves. Money is not power, but those who create it use it to influence those who have obtained positions entrusted with certain powers. Money is not energy, but those who create it have used that power to corner the market on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are not the only sources of energy, but those who produce them would like to keep everyone dependent upon them. The way to break the cartels is to break the cycle of dependence. The way to break the cycle of dependence is to stop using the products they offer. As hard as it sounds, we must each personally make an effort to do what we can to stop using fiat currencies and to stop using the fossil fuels the cartels provide.

It is important that we strive for independence. It is important that we honor individual property rights. It is important that we do our best to become self owning individuals who decide for ourselves which other individuals or groups of individuals we want to do business with and which individuals or groups of individuals we don't want to do business with. In this way we can shun those who would wage wars on others. In this way we can shame those who would bring harm to others. In this way we can decide with our dollars who deserves our money and who doesn't. In this way we can decide for ourselves who we associate with and who we don't. In this way we can deny our consent to be governed. No individual or group of individuals should have the power to force you to do business with them. No individual or group of individuals should have the power to force you to associate with them. No individual or group of individuals should have the power to force you to let them violate your natural rights or suffer catastrophic consequences. It is only when everyone has the power to say "no" to these individuals or groups of individuals without fear of retribution that mankind will be truly free. It is only then that we will truly prosper. It is only then we will be allowed to become the best humans we can possibly become.

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