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The coming winds of change against the seething
David Bryan

Energies of legalism, monetarism and fatalism Complete control of humanity

The seething energies of legalism, monetarism and fatalism raise the question, why is it better to be ruled by the head and not the heart? 


Due to the tradition of Abrahamic laws, it has been much too easy for our Western rulers to impose the unemotional political ideology of legalism. It also explains why most of our politicians are lawyers. Legalism has led to a statute book with thousands of laws and created a monstrous bureaucratic labyrinth of government agencies.  

Legalism has created corporatism and the incorporation of assets, into limited liability companies. Provided with unlimited central bank funding. Monstrous wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of these global corporations. It has resulted in corporate owned media, corporate governance and given corporations an immense competitive advantage. As a result of corporatism, caring family businesses which traditionally form the backbone of a middle class entrepreneurial society, find it difficult to compete. 

In contrast to the West, Chinese society steered away from legalism and chose a humanist system based on the Confucian rules that define what it means to be human. While legalism is cold and unemotional, humanism embraces human empathy, it has respect for tradition and there is a deep understanding of rule by principle. Legalism did replace Confucian humanism ideology for a very brief period. Legalism quickly led to the dictatorship of Ch’in (221 - 206 B.C.), with the tightest regimentation of life and thought in Chinese history. As a result, legalism was quickly rejected by the Chinese people. 

Legalism as a workable ideology, was the synthesis of Hang Fei Tzu. His synthesis is probably the closest we can come to understanding the nature of politics and the immense power that is derived, from a system of laws. 

In unemotional Machiavellian terms he defined legalism, as the accumulation of political power to control the people. The way to control people, is for the rulers to make mandatory laws that impose severe behavioral punishment and conversely provide generous reward. For legalists everything that is Machiavellian, such as the perpetual use of propaganda, wars, the subjugation of the individual to the state, uniformity of thought and the use of force, contributes to the power of the ruler. 

It may seem an obvious requirement that for the legal system to appear just, the laws must apply equally. However to have a system based on equitable laws, would present the legalists with a real conundrum. For the legalist system of political control to work, the rulers must secrete absolute power. That is the reason why the legalist system practices statecraft, it allows the rulers to circumvent their own laws! 


Statecraft is where heads of ministerial departments, are appointed to these positions and the rulers power comes from secrecy. Under statecraft, the people are not permitted access to state secrets and they must accept to have their fate controlled. Secrecy has given rise to occultist societies, who work behind the scenes to put into effect an agenda, to mould and control the world. They employ supernatural symbolism and rituals, infiltrate governments, media, global corporations and institutions. 


There is a saying to the effect ‘the Devil never sleeps’. Supernatural means to be against anything and everything that is natural. Such as fake news, gender neuter families, artificial intelligence, artificial foods and cyber currencies? They plan a hybrid of our biological identity and an implanted digital identity, to breed a new trans-human race! 

The virus, like any flu virus is proven to be medically treatable. For what natural reason can there be  an agenda, of a needle in the arm of every man, woman and child on the planet and why is there a seething rush, to establish vaccine surveillance passports? Why eliminate the self sufficient productive middle class, or want to institute technology that ensures total unquestioning subservience? 

The entire human race should learn to read the occultist language of symbolism, such as the all seeing eye on the dollar bill. Then a great veil will fall from the eyes of Homo sapiens and we return to natural money. Free to have contented lives in a civilized prosperous society with no tolerance for demonic central banks, vaccine eugenics, technocratic governance or Luciferian societies!  



The combined legalist ideological system of unemotional laws together with the rulers use of secretive statecraft, is the technique that imposes fatalism. The disquieting doctrine of fatalism is that when events are planned and fixed in advance, human beings are powerless to change them. As a result, Homo sapiens become resigned to accept whatever the system brings. They will follow the agenda and never properly question. Fatalists hope that somehow or other, matters will improve under the next set of rulers. 

As part of the Chinese Communist Party strategic plan to change society and enslave the people, they curiously adopted the western central bank 'debt' ideology of monetarism. An unholy alliance of legalism, monetarism and fatalism has allowed China to impose, a totalitarian political system with an assigned social credit score and complete subservience to the state. 

Since science has become compartmentalized and dictated by finance. Older ideologies no longer adequately explain right from wrong. Unsustainable debt finance has created an inequitable division of wealth and new cyber ideologies, ask that we believe the impossible. It would seem that Homo sapiens are hook, line and sinker caught in a diabolical legalist, monetarist and fatalist catch-22 predicament. 

It was Confucious who famously said: “The superior person understands the higher things; The inferior person understands the lower things! ”


What if the sun, naturally provides our sustenance and a prolific ecology? What if the family, naturally provides for our emotional well being, social values and civilization? What if gold stored in the nations treasury together with silver, naturally provides assured wealth or capital, to provide an equitable exchange for trade and commerce?  

The sun, family and gold are natures beneficial binary and without a legalist, monetarist and fatalist ideology to impose bureaucratic fear, or give monstrous favors to a few. The sun, family and gold, ensure ample healthy natural food, like minded good company and unlimited commercial opportunities. Homo sapiens can very happily prosper without any social engineering, genetic engineering, financial engineering, pandemic engineering, geo engineering, bio engineering or military engineering. 

Before science was neatly compartmentalized and controlled. The broader science of natural law inspired the extraordinary genius minds of Lao Tzu, Huang Po, Tibetan scholars, Vitruvius, Copernicus and Galileo. From the study of what is entirely natural, they realized that everything has a binary with energy. Copernicus stated that the Universe is a sphere and energy circulates within it. Energy circulating within a sphere determines that every natural shape has a degree of curvature. Energy determines all motion and emotion. A correct fusion with energy is why each of the aforementioned genius, concluded there is only one ‘primary’ principle in nature: There has to be a passive binary to perfect life, properly govern a nation, improve the arts, the sciences, provide societal well being and ensure an equitable economy. 

The astounding discovery of a passive binary, unequivocally ends the need for belief-ism ideology. The natural principle of a correct binary with energy and its revolutionary science, are explored on David’s web page and Two World Systems by David Bryan is available on  Kindle Books.

David Bryan
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David Bryan is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. The trilogy of THE TIBETAN SECRET began as research based on an extraordinary knowledge that we have six senses. What was discovered is the calm assured confidence of physics and the cycles prevalent in the Wheel of Life. It ends the stressful era of belief in ideologies used in economic and social systems that do not create real prosperity or improve social standards and when applied can alter the destiny of the world. A summary of the findings is contained in

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