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How To Change Society, Reduce Population and Make a Fortune
by Kill and Billinda Gates
Miles Adinolfi

Money laundering: The illegal process of making large amounts of money generated by a criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or terrorist funding, appear to have come from a legitimate source…let’s say…divorce. 

When you’re the wealthiest guy in the world ($188.5 billion) but you can be linked to terrorist funding (Antifa/BLM), what do you do to protect your assets? 

When you’re the 4th richest guy in the world ($129.2 billion) and you’re a known drug trafficker and known associate of high-profile pedophiles, what do you do to keep your money safe? 

Rule #1: You keep your wife quiet. And happy. Happy wife, happy life, right? 

Then you embark on Bill and Jeff’s Most Excellent Adventure –– and wish you’d done it when you were 45. So much money to make, so many people to kill. And if you can figure out a way to do this legitimately – Wow! Score!

Let me recap some recent vaccine shenanigans for the record: 

  • In April, Denmark ceased giving the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine amid concerns about rare cases of blood clots.

  • The USSA, Kanada, and the EU paused the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for similar reasons over clotting.

  • Remarkably, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines’ reputation remain unscathed. No blood clots or thrombosis reported. No pausing of these vaccines in Israel or the US. Nothing to see here folks. Just millions and millions of people injected with “something” without animal studies, randomized control trials, and other usual gold standard tests and procedures for a new drug. 

One Pfizer, Two Pfizer, Three Pfizer, Floor… 

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is being rolled out with nothing but positive press from every mainstream media outlet in the country. You too should hurry to get the Pfizer vaccine triple shot! As recommended by none other than Pfizer’s very own chief executive. Trump says it’s a “great vaccine” and Biden says it’s a matter of “life or death”. 

When Trump and Biden agree…what could possibly go wrong? 

Super Shady Drug Pushers 

Don’t worry your little mind about all Covid vaccine makers’ legal immunity for any injuries or deaths they may cause. 

Also rest assured that the “mold issue” at Pfizer’s Kansas covaxx production facility is nothing to worry about. Neither is Pfizer’s less than stellar track record for safety and ethics, which include the following light offenses: 

  • Pfizer received the biggest fine in U.S. history as part of a $2.3 Billion plea deal with federal prosecutors for mis-promoting medicines (Bextra, Celebrex) and paying kickbacks to compliant doctors. Pfizer pleaded guilty to mis-branding the painkiller Bextra by promoting the drug for uses for which it was not approved.

  • In the 1990s, Pfizer was involved in defective heart valves that lead to the deaths of more than 100 people. Pfizer had deliberately misled regulators about the hazards. The company agreed to pay $10.75 Million to settle justice department charges for misleading regulators.

  • Pfizer paid more than $60 Million to settle a lawsuit over Rezulin, a diabetes medication that caused patients to die from acute liver failure.

  • In the UK, Pfizer has been fined nearly €90 Million for overcharging the NHS, the National Health Service. Pfizxer charged the taxpayer an additional €48 Million per year for what should have cost €2 million per year.

  • Pfizer agreed to pay $430 Million in 2004 to settle criminal charges that it had bribed doctors to prescribe its epilepsy drug Neurontin for indications for which it was not approved.

  • In 2011, a jury found Pfizer committed racketeering fraud in its marketing of the drug Neurontin. Pfizer agreed to pay $142.1 Million to settle the charges.

  • Pfizer disclosed that it had paid nearly nearly 4,500 doctors and other medical professionals some $20 Million for speaking on Pfizer’s behalf.

  • In 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it had reached a $45 Million settlement with Pfizer to resolve charges that its subsidiaries had bribed overseas doctors and other healthcare professionals to increase foreign sales.

  • Pfizer was sued in a U.S. federal court for using Nigerian children as human guinea pigs, without the childrens’ parents’ consent. Pfizer paid $75 Million to settle in Nigerian court for using an experimental antibiotic, Trovan, on the children. The company paid an additional undisclosed amount in the U.S. to settle charges here.

  • Pfizer had violated international law, including the Nuremberg Convention established after WWII, due to Nazi experiments on unwilling prisoners.

  • Amid widespread criticism of gouging poor countries for drugs, Pfizer pledged to give $50 million for an AIDS drug to South Africa. Later, however, Pfizer failed to honor that promise.

More about the company’s entire rap sheet in today’s video. Along with Big Lies from Alberta, Kanada, Trudeau’s Covid Passport plans and Jeff Berwick’s infallible advice on “How to Hide From Your Ex” and “Where Not To Go On Honeymoon”.

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“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.”  – Satoshi Nakamoto

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