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Why Do They Want to Turn Whites Into Minority? 
Mark Andrew Dwyer

When I watched the so-called “border crisis”, loads of illegal “immigrants” violating the sovereignty of my country as they pleased while Biden’s administration flatly denying that there was any “border crisis”, I begun seeing the method in this apparent madness. The national borders were left largely unprotected and laws against illegal “immigration” and its facilitators unenforced because those who run this show wanted millions of migrants a year to flood America in order to speed up the slow but steady process of turning white Americans into minority in the country that them and generations of their ancestors had built from scratch since Summer of 1776. The said realization was consistent with my all previous observations, and explained things from the past that looked as if they didn’t make sense, before. Now the pieces of this huge zig-saw puzzle begun to fit neatly with each other into a larger image, and that image was not pretty, at least not for the whites, that is. 

Some observers and commentators, and I used to share their believes in this matter, speculated that the borders were left wide-open and the immigration laws unenforced because the ruling party wanted to grow its prospective electorate, as some two-thirds of the “migrants” ended up voting Democrat as soon as they had a chance. But this was a weak explanation under the circumstances of the rigged elections system that, based on what we all have seen in the past four months, was able to deliver predetermined results to the party of choice of those who controlled the system. As a mater of fact, the Democrats don’t need no illegal “immigrants” to maintain their grasp of power; they already have a system in place that works, and coming legislation is going to further solidify it.

Wherever I look now, I see evidence that supports my thesis that I outlined in the first paragraph of this article. Take, for instance, Speaker Pelosi and her (in)famous charge that President Trump didn’t want to make America great, again but that he wanted to make America white, again. I thought, what would be wrong with that, in today’s America where whites, collectively, appear to be the least racist major race in this country. After all, whites have contributed more than any other race to the prosperity, individual liberty, long-term stability, and strength of America, so there seems to be no clear indication that predominantly white America would necessarily be bad, dysfunctional, or otherwise miserable to its people. Now I understand why is white America so undesirable for the ruling party and its patrons that they have to be vocally opposing it, as Speaker Pelosi did. It’s because their end goal is to make whites a minority and that, clearly, is not gonna happen in America that is predominantly white.

But what about whites, some could ask, who apparently do not object turning their race into a minority? Would not they oppose such a plan if they were aware of its existence? Well, some would and some would not. Even those who aren’t supportive of such an engineered “demographic change” often keep their mouths shut because any expression of disapproval of policies and pressures that contribute to the decline of the population of whites in today’s America is promptly labeled as a “proof” of their white racism and an attempt to impose “white supremacy” on the already “oppressed” minorities. After decades of propaganda and brainwashing that whites will be just fine after their share of America’s population drops below 50 percent, even if significantly so, many do not see becoming a minority as a big deal. But, as I will argue in the closing of this article, it is a big deal, and anyone can see plenty of evidence supporting my conclusion if he/she wishes to.

For one, there was a Race Traitor, “a journal dedicated to abolishing the concept of whiteness in the United States, published in the 1990s and 2000s”, according to a brief description posted here: . The said journal was a forum for white academics advocating (gradual, I suppose) eradication of white race in America, supposedly, for the benefit of the “oppressed” minorities. Well, if such “abolishing” was not expected to inflict severe damage to whites then they would not have called themselves “traitors”, would they? Keep in mind that – according to the authors of that journal and its audience – it apparently was good to be a race traitor, but only as long as one was a white race traitor.

Once I have pronounced my thesis that a desire to turn America’s white majority into a minority is driving immigration and border “enforcement” policies and, sometimes, laws, the big question begs to be asked is: why?

I could not help noticing common these days and intensifying hostilities towards whites. Whites are being charged with parasitizing on the lives and labor of the “oppressed” minorities, to which parasitizing, and to “white privilege” that comes with a status of established parasite, they allegedly owe their typically high living standards and individual liberty. “White supremacy” is considered a “crime” against “democracy”, “justice”, and “equity”, and is being blamed, lately, for about every major wrong, both actual and perceived, that hurts America. It must be clear to an objective observer that the majority of these charges are grossly detached from today’s reality and appear merely as exaggerated expressions of deeply-rooted hostility towards whites and the country and civilization that they and their ancestors have created.

Let me use two recent examples as illustrations of the above.

The alleged massage parlors’ white shooter who killed eight has been already presumed guilty in the eyes of many “anti-racists” and sympathetic to them media of hate-crime, even though all available evidence indicates he suffered from a well-documented, lingering mental disorder. Some commentators on major TV networks credited the atrocities he committed to “white supremacists” and their “disappointment with lock-downs” imposed on this nation during the coronavirus pandemic. Such persuasive, albeit false, narrative leaves unsuspecting viewers with inevitable conclusion that whites in general, and “white supremacists” in particular, are the root cause of evil in America.

Meanwhile, the protests that took place on January 6, 2021, in Washington DC, are being falsely portrayed as “insurrection” of “white supremacists” who wanted to take over America in order to submit the “oppressed” minorities to their rule and, using Speaker Pelosi’s language, make America white, again. None of the accusers entertains a possibility that most of the protesters were just exercising their First Amendment right peaceably to assemble (remember, there was no violence, no burning, no property significant destruction, and no looting during the said protests) and to petition their government for redress of their grievances, which was their utmost disapproval of the fact that no court of consequence was willing to listen to the people who witnessed wide-spread cheating and mind-boggling “irregularities”, or to consider voluminous evidence thereof that the people have collected.

All the above remind me of something very different from but in a sense similar to the present white-bashing frenzy. It was 1920s in Germany when a small group of political maniacs begun their march for power while blaming about everything that was wrong, both actual and perceived, with German society on Jews. Their accusations, consistently repeated untold thousands of times year after year, swayed German public opinion, or a large part thereof, into believing that the Jews were to be eliminated if Germany was to survive. At the end of this continuous stream of accusations, concentration camps were set up to where millions of Jews were sent to die. It seems all but certain that without the years of accusatory propaganda, the National Socialists would not be able to pull off this mass genocide.

So, here is one possible answer to the question in the title of this article that I would like to bring to your consideration. Based on the level of increasing hostilities against all white, our present rulers may want to turn whites into minority in America in order to start sending them to concentration camps in a not-so-distant future. History of 3rd Reich strongly suggests so. And if you are white, chances are that white majority may be the only thing of consequence in America that stands between you and your final destination – a concentration camp.






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