Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas. His articles have appeared in publications such as The Dallas Morning News, the San Antonio Express-News, Insight, The Social Critic, Ideas on Liberty,, and

He is the author of Why We Must Abolish The Income Tax And The IRS, which was selected as the "Featured Alternate" by Laissez Faire Books, August 1997, and he is presently finishing up a book on political-economic philosophy entitled, Reality's Golden Mean: The Case for Libertarian Politics and Conservative Values.

For several years in the nineties, he worked with Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS) out of Washington, DC promoting the cause of tax reform and repeal of the federal income tax. In 1998, he was featured along with Congressmen Bill Archer, Dick Armey, and Billy Tauzin in Texas Business magazine as one of Texas' leading tax reformers. ("Texas Tea Party," May-June 1998)

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