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Government "dragging us"
into a war we "will not survive", in the Middle East

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck asserted on his weekday television program Monday that "we are moving in the wrong direction [as] a country," particularly with regard to the Middle East, and that that "we will all be destroyed because of it."

Speaking about the U.S. government's recent decision to arm the rebels in Syria, Beck said lawmakers in both parties are "dragging" us into yet another war.

"We are worn out and we do not [want to be] in anybody's business," Beck said, pointing out that polls indicate the American people overwhelmingly disagree with intervening in the Syrian conflict.

Beck then urged viewers to share one clip from the night's show, which he said will put the matter in perspective.

It seemingly shows a Syrian rebel cutting out and eating the heart and liver of his "enemy."

Warning: The following video contains extremely graphic content:

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