The World Is Cornering The Elite…
Chris Duane

A recent article by Costata put forth the theory that silver is a losing bet, because the Elite won't let it threaten their interests. His article , Has the Silver Market Been Cornered… AGAIN? is the latest in the silver bashing parade. A couple of my readers would like my opinion of his theory and it's possible implications on the silver market.

Costata starts with, all works of fiction require "a willing suspension of disbelief"

I find this as an interesting starting point, but not for the reason he sets forth. You see we are living in the great fiction of the American Dream.

  • It is a place where generations can get something for nothing.
  • It is a world where we can print unlimited money/debt from a privately, foreign owned central banks.
  • It is a dream of a consumer led society and not of a manufacturing society.
  • It is a hallucination of trillion dollar war machines securing the world's natural resources for the Elite and their corporations.
  • It is a land where people think that the digits on their screen are real wealth and that fractional reserve banking is safe.
  • It is an illusion that the more debt we create, the richer we are.

"It is said that men go mad in herds, and only come to their senses slowly and one by one." -Charles MacKay

We willingly suspend disbelief everyday to live in this American Dream

Some are starting to wake up from this dream and that scares the Masters who control this dream. They need to put us back to sleep or at least scare us with campfire stories about REAL tangible assets. The world is waking up from this perceived reality and now see though this dream. The implications for the Elite are truly frightening and they know it.

Costata says that the Elite can control the flow of the silver to essentially control the market

This is true, as we have seen in the past two weeks in the paper silver markets.

  • The Elite can continue to trade 8 billion ounces of paper silver and knock 30% off the price of silver in a heart beat.
  • They can do this even though there is only 1 billion ounces of silver produced every year and that there is only 33 million ounces in the Registered vaults of the CRIMEX.
  • They can continue to manipulate the market by effectively doubling the cost of margins in 8 days.
  • They can continue to have the 8 largest banks net short 150 days of global silver production without ever settling or delivering the physical metal.
  • They can continue to trade 45 to 1 paper ounces to physical on the LBMA as Andrew MacGuire testified to.
  • They can continue to take unlimited paper losses as long as the Fed backs them up in this paper suppression game.
  • They can continue to break down regulations to expand their thieving.
  • They can continue to have insider knowledge of smack downs.
  • They can continue to pressure miners and refiners.
  • They can continue to lease metal they don't have.
  • They can continue to create money/debt out of thin air.
  • They can continue to use dark pools of liquidity and derivatives to add further layers to the game.
  • They can continue to change the rules and raise borrowing costs like they did to the Hunt Brothers.
  • They can continue to have the regulators turn a blind eye to the manipulative schemes they pull.
  • They can continue to demonetize silver like they did in the Crime of 1873 and in 1964.
  • They can continue to squeeze billionaires to dump their 129 million ounces over their ties to AIG.
  • They can continue to unload billions of ounces in the national stockpiles of silver into the open market.
  • They can continue to sell unallocated silver and ETF's as a alternative to the REAL physical silver.
  • They can continue to push gold as the real metal to own, because the Elite have a lot of that in the Central Banks.
  • They can continue to demonize REAL assets and continue to glorify the latest and greatest paper instruments.
  • They can continue to trade and control their casino.
  • They can do all of this, until the music stops.

"Things that cannot go on forever, won't"

The world is waking up to what these few hundred insider Elites have done to humanity with debt and war

Western citizens are waking up to the financial terrorism of the Elite having been burned in the stock and housing bubbles and paying for perpetual wars.

  • They no longer trust the "safety nets" that only seem to benefit the "too big to fails" and the well connected.
  • They no longer trust the computer rigged markets or the brokers betting against their own clients.
  • They no longer trust the media that spins the Elite's lie of the day.
  • They no longer trust the governments that lied us into war after war.
  • They no longer trust the regulators asleep at the wheel.
  • They no longer trust the politicians that promise hope and change and give us more of the same.
  • They no longer trust that their retirement, jobs or future is safe.
  • They no longer trust that you can consume your way to prosperity.
  • They no longer trust corporations that seek short term gains at the long term deterioration of our society.
  • They no longer trust the dollar as it will reach its mathematically inevitable collapse.
  • They no longer trust that the music will play on forever and they want out.

Because of all of this and more people are seeking the safety of silver

It has NO counter party risk, unlike all paper assets. It has Allodial title to it, unlike all paper assets. It has a 5,000 year history as real wealth, unlike all paper currencies. It is historically and inflationary cheap today. It will never go to $0, unlike most paper assets.

Costata says that those that buy silver may be in the wrong metal, since the Elite have gold

If the dollar dies, he theorizes, the Elite will make gold money and not silver, since they don't have any. He says that Central Banks and foreign countries all over the world are buying gold as a reserve asset and not silver. Institutions are buying gold and not silver like Northwestern Mutual and the University of Texas. He says that these institutions have unlimited money and seem only interested in gold. All of this is true but does he honestly believe that when paper currencies die that people are going to shun a cheaper monetary metal for gold simply because big institutions and banks demand it? No, if anything that is even more reason to stay away from gold, as that is another asset controlled and owned by the Elite. After the Elite demonetized silver in 1873 and forced us on the gold standard the Elite squeezed the economy into a depression like this country has never seen before. They contracted the money supply so much that it crushed America. I think because the industrial demand has gotten us this far with silver, when the monetary demand picks up as nations and institutions start buying, it will be turbo chargers on an already hot investment.

I do agree with Costata that hating JP Morgan is not enough to push the silver market, which is why I wrote the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield

This article set forth just about every reason why you should sell every paper asset and buy physical silver. I have never seen another asset with as many reasons to buy and hold in my life. I do not believe that JP Morgan is going to go down with the ship and they could go long and stay long. They have been adding a lot of new physical silver in their brand new CRIMEX approved vault. I do believe that one day there will be a physical default of silver and that will change everything.

When this collapse inevitably happens, it will not just be the dollar that dies, it will most likely the the institutions, ideas, and systems that perpetuated that lie will die too

No longer will the people listen to those, that at best, did not see this coming, or at worst, made this happen. This crisis will not lead to a consolidation of power into a world currency, but a shattering of globalization into a decentralized, slower and local world. Communities will go about rebuilding a more sustainable society. Some may create their local currencies or barter systems. Many I believe will use silver and gold to supplement the new banking system.

Even if silver never truly gets monetized again like Costata theorizes, it should rise in REAL purchasing power

After all silver is not monetized now and is aggressively attacked from all ends and it is STILL up 400%+ since 2008. I mean if the Elite were ALL powerful, why isn't silver back down to $7? And we have not seen the final collapse of the paper money system… Wait until the whole world try's to save their quadrillions of paper assets and try to buy anything with real tangible value. All REAL assets will rise not just gold and silver. Heck even your kids beanie babies might be worth some serious money again.

Costata then sets up a straw man argument saying that we are trying to make silver the premier monetary metal over gold

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are seeking to protect our assets and strike at the weak under belly of the Quadrillion empire of lies. I cannot think of anyone pushing for a silver only standard. I would hope that we have competition in money, gold, silver, platinum, and debt free currencies of all sorts. If we are successful, all REAL assets will rise as the central banks cash will be trashed. New forms of money will be created, hopefully in a free market and hopefully debt free. A new world will be created from the ashes for the debt and war cycle of the Elite.

What about the billions of people outside this Anglo American Empire who want a shot at the title?

China, Russia, Iran, India, Germany, France, South Africa, Brazil and many other countries who are sick and tired of the Elite's banking power and the wars they fund. They can win the biggest battle by not even firing a single shot. Right now they are buying gold, but they have trillions of our dollars and this will find its way into all commodities including silver. The new Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange is another cut in the thin under belly of the Anglo American Empire. Soon they will start trading silver and taking physical delivery.

The Elite quite simply cannot stop an idea whose time has come

The simple idea is that things that cannot go on forever, won't. The world sees how the Elite really work. The world wants out of the dollar and only REAL tangible assets provide that way out. The Elite can try to "corner" the flow of silver, the rest of the world will corner the Elite. Dollar is doomed there is no stopping that. The best that the Elite can hope for it is that they can fool enough people into a World Bank or IMF sponsored currency, which of course will be controlled by the same Anglo American Banksters. When the collapse happens there will be power vacuums all over the world and local power will fill the void where the dollar once reigned supreme. The Elite will fail horribly in their quest for a one world currency and it will shatter into a thousand pieces. Decades of schemes and deceptions will be turned upside down in a few weeks.

Try as they might, the Elite cannot stop reality

  • The reality is that debt cannot be created forever.
  • The reality is that we cannot pay the $140 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities without destroying the dollar.
  • The reality is that we cannot spend our way to prosperity.
  • The reality is they cannot deliver on all of the paper silver they say they have.
  • The reality is wealth is going to the East.
  • The reality is that the Anglo American empire has not been good stewards of their power and deserve to lose it.
  • The reality is that the economy will never come back until all of this debt is purged from the system.
  • The reality is that China and the rest of the world has us by the short ones.
  • The reality is I and many others will never put a dime back in the hands of Wall St.
  • The reality is the Elite are powerful, but they are not all powerful.
  • The reality is that all of the minions that serve the Elite now on every level, will abandon ship as soon as that first check bounces and they will start pointing fingers at the guilty.
  • They reality is that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.
  • The reality is that we are going to have a reversion to the mean, divine retribution, karma or whatever you want to call it and it is going to shake the Elite's power to the ground.

I believe that simply looking at the Gold to Silver ratio that silver is going to continue to outperform gold despite this latest paper manipulation

The ratio that gold and silver come out of the ground is about 1 oz of gold to every 10 oz of silver or a GSR of 1:10. Given that gold has been treasured as a precious metal throughout all of human history and silver more or less and been trashed as an industrial metal for the past ohhh 138 years… why then are we at 1:42 ratio?! The reason is my dear readers, is that for all of the reasons stated above, the Elite want to suppress the price of silver. It is a direct threat to to their entire Quadrillion empire of lies.This cannot go on forever, won't.

This latest paper manipulation has served notice to all silver investors to avoid the rigged paper game in the Banksters Casino

I have only ever recommended buying a holding REAL physical silver. I saw what the Elite were capable in 2008 and vowed to never get caught in that trap again. Eventually, we will take enough physical silver off of the market to control the REAL, not paper flow of silver. This should coincide with the collapse of the world's currencies and paper assets. Leading to the most devastating one-two punch in investment history. Those that were lured into the paper markets got burned but learned a valuable lesson and will only buy physical from here on out. No more miners, no more SLV, or no more options, just cold, hard physical silver.

I have had many Strategy Sessions and many people are dumping their 401ks and IRAs into buying REAL physical silver

If I had to guess, there was probably a ton of silver from the handful of people I have spoken to, and I am a "nobody." At some point the CRIMEX will not be able to deliver on all of those paper promises they trade. So go ahead and laugh, silver shorters, the day is yours, but I take comfort in the fact that we are playing for keeps. While you are playing musical chairs, I and many others have already sat down waiting for the music to stop. I have heard that he who laughs last, laughs best. We will let you know how it is when this all goes down. It is better to be 6 years to early to this silver rocket, than one day too late. There will be no "do overs." There will be no second chances. There will only be those that were Aware and Prepared and those that danced away the greatest opportunity.

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