The Silver Stealers:
An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens
Charles Savoie



(Editor's Note: This is part 5 of Mr. Savoie's outstanding exposé of the Pilgrim Society, an organization that has been conspiring to rule the world for over 100 years. To view the first five parts, please follow these links: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] - JSB)



In May 1979 I confronted (he attempted to evade me, with their emblem on my shirt and tape recorder in hand) Sir Ivor Seward Richard, then British Ambassador to the United Nations. His maternal grandfather was the same Secretary of State who made the Alaska Purchase from Russia in 1867! His membership was never mentioned in his introduction or speech, and the promised question and answer session was abruptly cancelled; someone else had seen The Pilgrims emblem on my shirt. THESE OPERATORS ARE SO TOXIC THAT THE ONLY SAFE WAY TO ACCOST THEM MAY BE BY APPROACHING THEM WITH YOUR BACK TURNED, HOLDING UP A MIRROR WITH WHICH TO VIEW THEM!





At find a December 2010 release implicating Morgan Stanley, international investment bank with 60,000 employees, as being a really enormous silver short. It was founded in 1935 by Henry Sturgis Morgan, third generation Pilgrims Society member, grandson of the original J.P. Morgan, who was "almost lord of creation"...

The moment when we are at greatest risk of nationalization is during wartime; however, FDR style depressions, as determined by very high unemployment levels, may serve as well. "THE WARMONGERS," 1979 nonfiction by Howard Katz, says on the back cover..."They started World War I. They engineered World War II. They are moving the world toward war now!" He mentioned the Council on Foreign Relations on 5 of 291 pages. A review of the index shows the anticipated assortment of Pilgrims Society members; and he does mention the link between fiat paper money and war! On the warfare front, what do we have today? We have the four highest position holders in the United States who are concerned with war, are all Pilgrims Society members (honorary counts as full fledged in terms of outcome)...the President; the Secretary of State; and the two co-chairmen of the National War Powers Commission...



Pilgrims Society member James Addison Baker III and Pilgrims Society member Warren Christopher which first met with President Obama on December 11, 2008 (Baker and Christopher) ...

Baker was White House Chief of Staff, 1981-1985; Treasury Secretary, 1985-1988; Secretary of State, 1989-1992; and White House Chief of Staff, 1992-1993. Baker was appointed Special Envoy to Iraq in 2003; he became senior advisor to The Carlyle Group in 1993 which is clearly an association of defense contractors (warmongers) who at some point must have silver for their high tech systems . Surprise, surprise...Baker won the Morgenthau award from the Treasury Department (Who's Who, 2005, page 200). Christopher was a director of Chevron, which is a member of International Business Leaders Forum, founded in 1990 by Prince Charles, Pilgrims of Great Britain, and includes mining giants Anglo American; BHP/Billiton and Rio Tinto.

PLEASE disregard any appeals to personalities; perceived status rankings of commentators on the precious metals totem pole; infighting, egos, comparison scales of prestige, suits and ties, metals conference big shots, and anything else that could be a block against this information being widely circulated! I have nothing to sell to any of you; I seek no contributions, I'm spending personal funds to advertise this and wish greatly to see my fellow hard money advocates protected as to their property rights. This Pilgrims Society back of the United States President intends to ruin us by once again "SEIZING THE WEALTH NECESSARY." They need only have one of their members such as Pilgrims Society vice president Paul Volcker (who broke the Hunts out of 59MOZ silver by 1986), transmit to Obama to proceed with a gold and silver nationalization decree in an Executive Order! RON PAUL, HELP US!

"TREASURY CLAIMS POWER TO SEIZE GOLD AND SILVER" - The Wall Street Journal, December 3, 2010, page A-19, "Government By Executive Order," remarked...

"Because President Obama will now have a tough time getting his liberal agenda through a more Republican Congress, many Democrats are URGING HIM TO RAM IT THROUGH USING THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH'S UNILATERAL POWER."

There's no need to have a Congress if a puppet of The Pilgrims Society becomes dictator! We should remember that it was during a Democrat administration - FDR - that gold and silver rights of Americans were abrogated by Executive Order! This presentation doesn't cover other severe risks we face including compulsory vaccinations; criminalization of possession of nutritional supplements; continued exertions against firearm ownership rights; bureaucrats deciding it's time to euthanize your elderly relatives; mandatory "mental health" examinations with definitions that show anything they wish to show, as in The Inquisition; restrictions on interstate travel by automobile; orders that homeless illegals be taken into your residence; requirements for lists of jewelry and precious stones be submitted to the Treasury; making dissent illegal; and many other assaults against personal freedom en route to the planned return to feudalism.

Other Pilgrims Society entities such as Goldman Sachs Group gave $980,945 to Obama 2008; JPMorganChase, $650,758; Morgan Stanley, $490,873; and Citigroup, $657,268

Obama has an entourage of Pilgrims Society members surrounding him, including Henry Kissinger, for many years a Rockefeller employee; Timothy Geithner, Obama's Treasury Secretary was with Kissinger Associates, 1985-1988, and in 2003 became president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (a post reserved for Pilgrims Society members). See how easy it would be for Kissinger or Volcker to slip word to Obama and Geithner, "Go ahead and nationalize gold and silver".

The Government's silver and gold eagle program through the U.S. Mint is no guarantee against nationalization. Charles Bronson had a series of Mafia movies. Those characters are embryos contrasted to the real life "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum" giants of The Pilgrims Society!

In his speech to The Pilgrims of Great Britain (released by the State Department, New York Times, December 13, 1973, page 28), Kissinger spoke of "the whole network of intangible connections that have been the real sinews of the trans-Atlantic and especially the Anglo-American relationship."

Kissinger, a vice president of The Pilgrims Society, declared Obama the "architect of the new world order" on January 5, 2009, at the New York Stock Exchange. According to Kissinger is responsible for the deaths of vast numbers of Cambodians!

Please post as many links to this one essay as you can; and on metals and mining company message boards; print out copy and send to your Congressman, your Senator, and your State Representative and State Senator! Send it to your mayor and to anyone of importance. With adequacy of exposure I do sincerely believe we can STOP another Franklin Roosevelt style seizure of our gold and silver! This information can also serve to help Ron Paul's drive to have our national gold holdings audited, as it is this Pilgrims Society, and no one else, that has toyed with our national gold as it has with our silver!

On November 14, 2010 this release appeared (corrected for 4 spelling errors)

"According to Turk a gold confiscation could be possible if the price goes too high and reflects an alarm signal that there is something wrong in the financial system. "America did that in 1933 but they didn't prohibit ownership outside the United States. And there may be a prohibition again in the future. So you need to diversify geographically, different countries, different political systems and hold your gold at different places around the world. In that way you can mediate the risk of confiscation."

Some intend to sidestep the entire issue by holding mostly diamonds. They best take care to not tread down that path if they cannot acquire them through the most upstream of sources; sightholders, not resellers, except those dealing in distressed sales. After all that, diamonds still aren't good unless you can sell to end users! Diamonds have never been subjected to any blanket U.S. government nationalization. I didn't say sell your metals and buy diamonds. At his site Franklin Sanders, one of the greatest of the greats in metals, states his view that the government won't take gold again; they wouldn't risk widespread disobedience over a relatively small prize. Once the mentality of these Feudal Lords is understood, you must realize they intend to allow no one outside their influence to become wealthy. They plan to use their media power to make it appear as if its "hoarders and speculators" against the Government; when in reality, it will be THEM using the Government to make us poor, if they can pull it off! Their nature is to disallow capital accumulation outside their sphere! at this article we've given reasons why governments will buy silver. Sadly, that only applies to governments in whose jurisdictions silver isn't produced! The rest can simply nationalize silver! Speaking of price "management" rather than conspiracy is splitting hairs! It's like arguing with a Scot that his kilt is a type of skirt, and he insists it isn't! Ford Mustangs are still motor vehicles! Start calling spades, spades! It takes planning to effect this "management;" and as the outcome has been bad for the world, conspiracy is the most pinpoint accurate description! Spiriting off metals to other jurisdictions to avoid nationalization speaks of people who have decided they are beaten because the bad people have convinced them the political battle in their own nation can't be won! The tide of darkness can be reversed in 2011 by Ron Paul and his effort to audit United States gold; denial of the audit will tell Americans it's gone, and the public should be in an implacable uproar over it! WHY GIVE UP WHEN WE CAN WIN? Pull the pants down around the bad boys ankles; spread word of the existence of this Pilgrims Society! They can't function in the dark!

People who sell precious metals are great guys; they helped me acquire what I have. As a group they tend to dispute the idea that the government will (for the second time) nationalize gold and silver; they have this stance because otherwise it places a damper on their business! Instead of being in denial, rather than thinking the nature of the beast has changed, WHEN IT CAN NEVER, EVER CHANGE...let's ready to counter nationalization plans! We do so simply by spreading about information concerning who the metals suppressors have been all these long years. They can't stand publicity. In this case, the pen is mightier than the sword!

James Turk is proof that having previously held positions in corrupt entities such as Chase Manhattan Bank need not spoil a man's morals; however, that is not the question! The question is if you have physical precious metals in Hong Kong, Zurich; or in London, the home base of silver suppression since the 16th century and Sir Francis Drake seizing Spanish silver on the high seas; how will you be able to take delivery of these precious metals if the United States government sets up an interception system in its Customs Department; the Postal Service (both of which took place under FDR); FEDEX; or other delivery service? Capital controls could consist of many atrocious measures, including, you enter a sell order for your metal overseas, funds are remitted to you electronically, but the Treasury automatically withholds a windfall profits tax on the transfer! Suppose you want to reside overseas and your passport is revoked, the State Department giving any reason it cares to?

After listing objections to holding metals overseas there remain reasons for doing so, but they apply to an ever diminishing faction...high fliers and people in the export-import business; remember, it costs money to travel, and the more of your overall budget it requires, the less sense it makes. I have no connection to any numismatic coin dealers and that area has nothing to do with my motive for this presentation.

Holding metals in other political jurisdictions is a concept with merit and disadvantages. There remains NOTHING like the real thing in your hand, passed directly to another citizen. In an emergency, what will you do? Offer a certificate to metals overseas, or the actual metal, to people who have what you need? Mr. Turk is certainly not the only metals personality to promote the holding of wealth abroad. When you read the rationale of "hold gold overseas" promoters, it boils down to one reason...the United Snakes Government (credit to David Bond) may criminalize gold ownership here, so plan for that by holding it elsewhere. This indicates an attitude of capitulation concerning reforming our own government by having more free market proponents holding elected and appointed positions! Why, I ask, should we give up?


I sincerely submit to you that people holding their metals here will have the advantage over those holding most or all of it elsewhere. A gold nationalization could also take place on the part of Great Britain, in which case your chances would also be better here! I also would not trust the Swiss government, as for example large quantities of silver coins were shipped out for eventual delivery as bullion to the Silver Users Association, before an export ban was imposed, a token gesture in 1968 after the bulk was spirited out! Reality also compels mention of yet another risk of holding metal overseas...suppose the vault keeper's family is kidnapped, what then? Can your custodians demonstrate immunity? It doesn't make me a heel to bring these things up; I'm trying to protect you. In considering where to hold metals there is validity in determining which jurisdictions have the greatest gun ownership rights; that may not apply elsewhere! This argumentation of where to hold metal must stand on its own merits, and not be judged in terms of prestige comparisons with high flying metals personalities! How are we making our country's future more secure by expatriating our specie?

"THE SILVER PEOPLE NEVER GIVE UP" - American Magazine, June 1950, page 122.

U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania David A. Reed, a trustee of the Mellon influenced University of Pittsburg, who called silver "inflationary," denounced "THE FRENZIED SILVER ADVOCATES" (New York Times, December 24, 1933, section IV, page 4). A.M. Sakolski of the C & F Chronicle, April 27, 1944, pages1706, and 1718-1719, in an article titled, "The Menace Of Post-War Silver" called silver a "MONETARY INCUBUS" (a demon who rapes sleeping women!) He was a member of the Vanderbilt sponsored American Economic Association.

Nationalization could take various forms; all must be opposed with the frenzy of someone fighting for his life! Coin dealers, jewelers, metals dealers, gold and silver exchanges could be dictated to that all metal they buy from the public must be remitted to the Treasury Department, minus strictly accounted for amounts processed into value added jewelry, that is, altered away from traditional monetary forms of coins and bars. The Treasury could attempt to ration silver to "legitimate consumers" (Wall Street Journal, May 22, 1967). The evil 50% tax on silver profits imposed under FDR was abolished in 1963, allowing silver trading to resume on June 12.

There is the Department of Homeland Security and its concern for the Silver Users Association

States can resist and counteract unconstitutional federal laws, contact your state legislators and send them a copy of this documentary on the silver and gold stealing activities of The Pilgrims Society or a link to it! View link here

You need to monitor twice daily news concerning mining shares and be ready to enter sell order fast. If the United States nationalizes metals, nations south of here are likely to move against mining concessions. Assuming plans are in place to do so, it's reasonable to believe such plans won't be implemented until after the mines are built and in operation. A first move against our rights by "our" government could negate that and constitute cause to sell sooner. They have an arsenal of sabotage. Remember the November 2007 raid in Indiana on the Liberty Dollar people? If you missed it see this The Justice Department and the Treasury Department had joint purview. Attorneys General and Treasury Secretaries both have an (unknown) history of being Pilgrims Society members.

The Wall Street Journal, February 23, 1968, page 13, had this to say:

"Internal Revenue Service officials have expressed that the Treasury could put special taxes on silver investments."

Robert M. Morgenthau, son of the Pilgrims Society member who stole gold and silver from Americans in the FDR administration and was associated with James D. Zirin, currently on The Pilgrims executive committee, is currently an advisor to Global Financial Integrity whose aim is to prevent illegal cross-border money transfers; and money could be such commodities as diamonds and metals; in this capacity he also serves with John Cunningham Whitehead, of The Pilgrims executive committee, former head of Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and a liaison between the Rockefeller and Mellon fortunes. The Society is concerned about preventing those outside its circles from being able to transmit wealth from one nation to another. Why not just hold your wealth here and fight for Constitutional concepts? See

David Rockefeller (former director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Daisy Soros (sister in law of George Soros) and John C. Whitehead (former chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

"Wherefore do the wicked live, become old, yea, are mighty in power?" - Job 21:7

Silver manipulation lawsuits have been filed in United States Federal district court in the Southern District of New York against Pilgrims Society institutions, JPMorganChase and HSBC Bank. Who appoints Federal judges? The President, who is always a Pilgrims Society member! It appears a "fix" is in at this courthouse; a review of the 38 judges there shows three judges were previously with Debevoise & Plimpton (Pilgrims Society law firm); 2 were either with David, Polk & Wardwell (Pilgrims Society law firm) or were married to a partner therein; 2 judges were with Cahill, Gordon, Reindel (Pilgrims Society law firm); of three other judges, each was with either White & Case (Pilgrims Society law firm); Willkie Farr & Gallagher (Pilgrims Society law firm); or Stroock, Stroock & Lavan (Pilgrims Society law firm). Several other judges have past employment as counsel to Pilgrims Society interests such as Marsh & McLennan Companies; Time Incorporated; several judges are Yale graduates - signifying they may be members of such Pilgrims Society conduits as Skull & Bones Society; Scroll & Key Society; Book & Snake Society; Berzelius Society; or Wolf's Head Society.

Judge Louis L. Stanton Jr. appears in the 1980 leaked Pilgrims list! Judge Peter K. Leisure is the son of Pilgrims Society member George Stanley Leisure, who was associated in the early 1950's with the CIA and was a law partner in Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine from 1957-1993. Leisure Senior was counsel to Du Pont (silver stealers) in 1934; counsel to Rockefeller oil interests in 1937 and was president of Harvard Law School Association (Who's Who, 1971, page 1340). Peter Leisure was with Breed, Abbott & Morgan (Pilgrims Society law firm). Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. has silver lawsuit, case #10-8146 and Judge George B. Daniels (Yale 1975) has silver lawsuit, case #10-8157. Patterson was with Donovan, Leisure (Pilgrims Society law firm) 1950-1951. He was chairman of National Citizens for Eisenhower, 1959-1960 (Ike was a Pilgrims member) and was a member of Rockefeller University Council, 1986-1988. He was also, 1987-1993, a trustee of George C. Marshall Foundation, after a prominent Pilgrims Society member who helped reshape Europe with the Marshall Plan after WWII.







Lastly, Federal judge Paul Austin Crotty presides over chambers in this courthouse, and his name appears in the leaked 1980 list of The Pilgrims! See his resume MINUS MENTION of his Pilgrims Society membership (silver stealers) at

He's in the tradition of Federal Judge Harold R. Medina, Pilgrims Society, who in the Investment Bankers Case, an antitrust lawsuit against the 17 most powerful Wall Street Investment banks, ruled in favor of the defendants (1952) no wonder; the investment banks were well represented in The Pilgrims Society, and he was in their hip pocket! With one judge a Yale graduate and the other (senior) judge a Rockefeller associate, how can we expect them to be impartial towards the silver plaintiffs? At a courthouse habituated by judges replete with connections to The Pilgrims Society, the silver stealers?




The Silver Stealers have rigged the game since way before any of us were born. They always use the power of government to steal silver. The only way they can be stopped from stealing silver (and gold, and everything else, like private home ownership in America) is to have their identities, and their organization, to become known. Their organization is The Pilgrims Society! You can knock yourselves out just researching the excerpt from the list. Shelby Cullom Davis was an Ambassador to Switzerland and in a 46 year period increased his firm's capital 8,480 to one

Winthrop Murray Crane 3rd was profiled in "The Paper Hangers" (Archives) as the provider of currency paper for Federal Ripoff Notes.

Eli Whitney Debevoise, superlawyer, was an associate of Nelson Rockefeller; his son is currently the United States director for the World Bank!

Jarvis Cromwell, a financier, was a trustee of Roosevelt Hospital for 40 years. Emilio Gabriel Collado, a Rockefeller oil trust employee, was eulogized as "A Creator of the World Money System"

Arthur H. Dean arranged a $9 billion deal with Japan at age 30 and was an advisor to three Presidents and a creator of the Securities Exchange Commission and a paper hanger himself as a director of American Bank Note Company

Norris Darrell of Schroders Bank London and a Churchill family in law was longtime president of the American Law Institute and was responsible for the Internal Revenue Code of 1954; Covering up these and many more details with silence was news commentator Walter Cronkite, Gardner Cowles of Look Magazine and Robert Devine of Readers Digest!




Also in the list note silver suppressor Lammot Du Pont Copeland (Du Pont, Silver Users Association, silver stealers), who was decorated by Belgium and France, was a Chemical Bank director; his daughter Louisa married James Biddle, of the same Pilgrims Society family as Nicholas Biddle, head of the second United States Bank on whose board a Du Pont appeared! Copeland was rated the 12th wealthiest inheritor in America as of 1957 ("The Rich and the Super Rich," 1969, page 139)

Du Pont, cover man for Time Magazine, November 27, 1964, founded the Population Crisis Committee in 1965, to work with governments to find ways to reduce overpopulation. The Du Pont Company, long nicknamed "merchants of death" for gunpowder and explosives, has facilitated the deaths of tens of millions, and is a major scale groundwater polluter. See if your Congressman or Senator has received gifts from the Du Pont Good Government Fund








Bruno Schroder, Pilgrims of Great Britain, is listed as holding the world-s 292nd largest private fortune - probably an underestimate as media sources these people control have motive to minimize alleged wealth of the old rich - they are those in control. Schroder-s London manages $186 billion and dates to 1804. It has relationships with major silver suppressors as the Rockefellers and the Bank of England.







Sir Robert Worcester, current chairman of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, is a governor of the English Speaking Union (please see) and a governor of The Ditchley Foundation, the pro-fiat, anti-silver London School of Economics & Politics (9,000 enrollment) and a trustee of the Magna Carta Trust...

Head of the London School of Economics is probable Pilgrims Society member Sir Howard Davies, a director of silver suppressor Morgan Stanley.





The illustrious silver Senator from Idaho, William Borah, appropriately nicknamed "The Great Opposer," a patriot in the same spirit as Andrew Jackson, quoted in The New York Times, October 13, 1932, page 4, remarked:


Senator Borah also said (New York Times, April 29, 1933, page 4):







Oklahoma Senator Elmer Thomas, quoted in the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, December 21, 1935, page 3945:

"SILVER MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT TO THE WORLD THAN GOLD." - Congressional Digest, November 1931, page 286.

We didn't have the Internet over 78 years ago; we have it now; use it to spread about this documentary so that the greatest menace to our metals ownership rights may be checkmated! I regard this as easily the most meaningful research piece of my lifetime and consider it of such importance that I am requesting David Morgan to allow it to run for six months, which will take us to 78 years beyond the date of FDR's gold grab of March 1933.


Joel Van Der Reijden Institute for the Study of Globalization made this remark:

"All of the most important globalists, even with incomplete membership lists, can be traced to only a handful of societies, ESPECIALLY THE PILGRIMS; all of the important globalists can be traced to the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Rothschild triumvirate; the influence of these organizations and people are seldom, if ever, mentioned by the mainstream news and has never been recorded in the history books; everyone, at least in the West, is afraid of the word "conspiracy" when the whole process of international relations seems to be one giant conspiracy, not to mention all the other areas that are being affected."


The National Review, March 23, 1965, page 237, commented:

"If it is not made illegal to do so, American citizens will buy silver as a hedge against further deterioration of the dollar."

In event of Presidential executive order nationalizing silver - or sickening Congressional action - due to this documentary, it will be KNOWN exactly WHO is back of the tyrannical theft!

17th century French writer Claude Montandre declared:


- The President to alien invaders in "Independence Day" (1996)

(Editors Note: This concludes Mr Savoie's indepth expose of the Pilgrim Society and its manevolent agenda. Pleased share it with everyone you know. -JSB)

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