The Silver Stealers: An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens (part 4)
Charles Savoie



(Editor's Note: This is part 4 of Mr. Savoie's outstanding exposé of the Pilgrim Society, an organization that has been conspiring to rule the world for over 100 years. To view the first three parts, please follow these links: [1] [2] [3] - JSB}


Republican Senator from New York, 1959-1965, Kenneth B. Keating appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims, New York. While Senator he voted for everything the Silver Users Association wanted, including the termination of lawful silver coinage. He was Ambassador to India, 1969-1972 then to Israel, 1972-1975 and a member of the Interparliamentary Union...




Glenn T. Seaborg chaired the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) from 1961 to 1971, which had purview with the Defense Department over the calutrons; he was a scientist in the Manhattan Project and was discoverer and co-discoverer of several elements and isotopes and a Nobel Prize winning scientist and was involved with the National Science Foundation. His name appeared in the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims, when he became a director of the World Future Society and appeared again in the leaked 1980 list...

Seaborg had an office at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California, now operated in conjunction with the Department of Energy, successor to the AEC. Berkeley invented the cyclotron in 1939, a silver using device. The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, November 17, 1966, page 1757 in "Treasury Silver Today," mentioned that there was 65 million ounces of silver on loan to the Atomic Energy Commission, and that the silver was radioactive, apparently having been exposed to active isotopes. What became of that silver? I have not found the answer yet despite persistent searches.



Sir Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew Lowson, Pilgrims Society, Lord Mayor of London, 1st Baronet of Westlaws; Master, Worshipful Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers, decorated by Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands, was a mutual fund and real estate operator in the U.K., New Zealand and Canada who, upon his death in 1974, was finally indicted for financial fraud, was a director of the Bank of Nova Scotia, circa 1963 to 1971, frequently cited as prominent on the short side of the global silver market...





President Lyndon Baines Johnson, whose name appeared in the 1969 list of The Pilgrims, New York, seemed cheerful as to his administration overseeing the termination of Constitutional silver coinage ...,9171,876014,00.html mentions that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave the Johnson broadcasting station in Austin, Texas, a monopoly starting in 1952. This is typical Pilgrims Society business operation...use the Federal Government to eliminate competitors! Johnson was secretary to Congressman Richard Kleberg in 1931-1935; Kleberg was an heir to the 825,000 acre King Ranch in South Texas, connected to the Exxon/Rockefeller oil trust and that may be LBJ's induction point into the anti-silver movement and




Johnson's Treasury Secretary, Clarence Douglas Dillon, son of Clarence Dillon, whom Business Week Magazine called "the brilliant financier of the 1920's", was a Pilgrims Society member, as was his father. In "The Mirrors of Wall Street" (1933, Putnam's Sons), page 186, we discover that on the day Dillon Senior took over W.A. Read & Company, the founder died; page 187 states "Dillon handled more money than did J.P. Morgan in his career." Douglas Dillon chaired the Rockefeller Foundation and presided over the recall of 90% silver coinage to Treasury Department vaults, to be melted and donated to his pals in the Silver Users Association, represented by such Pilgrims Society members as Leland Ira Doan of Dow Chemical; Howard Biers, Kenneth Rush, James M. Hester, Robert E. McNeill Jr. and Birny Mason Jr. of Union Carbide; Lammot Du Pont Copeland and Caesar Augustin Grasselli of Du Pont de Nemours & Company; Philip D. Reed and Walter Hoving of Tiffany & Company; and others. McNeill was an ASARCO director; Mason was a New York Stock Exchange director. From 1967 to fall 1970, the users got 190,435,217 ounces of Treasury silver in General Services Administration "auctions" (giveaways - see "The Silver Raiders") and that doesn't include Treasury sales and dumping outside those non-auctions. Douglas Dillon, Ambassador to France, 1953-1957, a founder in 1959 of the Inter-American Development Bank and was also a director of Chase Manhattan Bank and American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) and an executive committee member of The Pilgrims Society whose daughter became Princess Joan of Luxembourg...

C. Douglas Dillon
Clarence Dillon

Dillon chaired the Brookings Institution in the District of Columbia beginning in 1970, an elitist think tank and very rabidly anti-silver currency organization! The Society may already have plans formulated for a metals nationalization on the part of one of their think-tanks such as Brookings Institution (James D. Robinson III, Pilgrims Society); Rand Corporation (Philip Lader, Pilgrims Society, former Ambassador to England); or the Aspen Institute (Henry Catto, Pilgrims Society, former Ambassador to England).

Nevada Senator Alan Bible wrote a letter of protest to Douglas Dillon complaining that "the Treasury's silver sales were controlling the market with an unrealistic ceiling" (New York Times, March 19, 1961, page 78).

Dillon's view was implacably against allowing silver prices to rise in response to free market forces and he wanted to:


Dillon's intent against silver prices was reported overseas before that. The Economist, July 13, 1963, page 166 reported the Treasury Department helping the Silver Users Association (and the Federal Reserve System):

"Dillon, the secretary of the U.S. Treasury, has said that silver bullion would be released on demand to prevent silver rising."

That was exactly parellel to Greenspan's famous statement about central banks leasing gold to prevent prices rising!


Dillon's Undersecretary of the Treasury, Robert Vincent Roosa, a Rhodes Scholar, was another Pilgrims Society member and director of the Council on Foreign Relations, Prudential Insurance, Texaco, a partner in Brown Brothers, Harriman & Company at 59 Wall Street. "People have a terrible time trying to understand Brown Brothers Harriman," says Partner Thomas McCance, 66. "We perform an unusual set of services" (Time Magazine, September 27, 1968, calling the firm "the largest, and by far the oldest U.S. private bank.") McCance was a Pilgrims Society member.

Roosa chaired the anti-silver Brookings Institution after Douglas Dillon. He was a Rockefeller Foundation trustee and an advisor to the International Finance Corporation. Roosa helped dispense Treasury Department silver to the voracious Silver Users Association...

Roosa was additionally a director of American Express and Owens Corning Fiberglass, probably another silver user; and was president for 1967 of the American Finance Association. Roosa wrote "Monetary Reform for the World Economy" (1965), presenting the puppet masters views on global finance. Roosa was a driving force during 1961 for the formation of the London Gold Pool, a scandalous conspiracy by several central banks to cap the price of gold at $35. It ended with the temporary closing of the London gold market on March 15, 1968, on orders from The Queen of England, Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society! Among many other positions, Roosa was president of the Economic Club of New York, 1970-1971, where anti-silver views have been presented by speakers; and executive of the United Nations Association; director, National Bureau of Economic Research and chairman New York Stock Exchange Advisory Committee on International Capital Markets.






His associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research was Arthur Frank Burns, Pilgrims Society, who headed the anti-silver, anti-gold Federal Reserve System from 1970 to 1978, with its correspondent relationship with the silver supplying Bank of Mexico.







Burns succeeded William McChesney Martin Jr. at the helm of the precious metals suppressing Federal Reserve System, who ran it from 1951 to 1970 and vowed to defend the former $35 per ounce gold price "down to the last ingot" (see "The Conspiracy Against Gold," Archives).

In the Federal Reserve Bulletin, April 1963, page 469, we notice the testimony by William McChesney Martin Jr., Federal Reserve Board Chairman at a Congressional hearing:

"The Board believes it is unnecessary to utilize silver as part of the U.S. monetary system. Although some concern has been expressed that removing the silver "backing" from part of our currency might lower its value, I would not agree."

After leaving the Fed Martin chaired the Committee to Reorganize the New York Stock Exchange and appeared on such boards as Royal Dutch Petroleum, U.S. Steel, General Foods, Caterpillar Tractor, Freeport Minerals, American Express and Dow Jones & Company and became a Johns Hopkins University trustee.


We're excruciatingly acquainted with the flimsy shinplaster inflation notes these molded over silver stealing racketeers foist on the nation...


As in the Jackson administration while Andy was fighting the United States Bank, (quote from Commercial & Financial Chronicle, April 29, 1965, page 1795) ...

"These notes of low value were held in contempt by the public."

The Wall Street Journal, December 7, 1967, page 1, reported that the 12 Federal Reserve branch banks were sifting through coinage (under orders from Pilgrims Society member Martin) and removing any remaining silver coins for the benefit of the Silver Users Association.



The 1967 Who's Who in America, page 953, featured James M. Hester, whose profile mentioned "Pilgrims U.S." (the organization under investigation here) and the fact that he was a Rhodes Scholar in 1947-1950. He became president of New York University in 1962. He was a Danforth Foundation (Ralston Purina fortune) trustee and an advisor to the National Fund for Medical Education. Hester was a director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York (silver stealers) and Union Carbide Corporation (Silver Users Association, silver stealers); and Prudential Insurance...

Hester became rector of United Nations University, 1975-1980 and was a director of the International Association of Universities and the American Council on Education and a Guggenheim Foundation trustee. He chaired the President's Task Force on Priorities in Higher Education in 1969; was propagandizing students away from gold and silver part of that? It sure was part of the White House agenda then as now!







Viscount Harcourt, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, chaired Morgan, Grenfell & Company (a partnership started with J.P. Morgan). The International Year Book & Statesmen's Who's Who, 1969, page 382, listed Viscount Harcourt as head of the British Treasury Delegation in the U.S. and former director of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank...all silver and gold suppressing entities...








Kenneth Rush, Pilgrims Society, was Ambassador to West Germany, 1969-1972 and to France, 1974-1977. He became president of Union Carbide in 1966 (Silver Users Association members, silver stealers) ...

Rush was a director of El Paso Natural Gas, American Sugar Company, the Foreign Policy Association and Bankers Trust New York. He was a member of the National Security Council, 1973-1974; according to his listing on page 2807 of the 1979 Who's Who, he was "chairman of the Council on International Economic Policy; President's Committee on East-West Trade Policy; President's Food Committee; Joint Presidential/Congressional Steering Committee on Inflation; Council on Wage and Price Stability, all 1974." The last two entities were efforts to blame inflation on factors other than the Federal Reserve! He became a director of two propagandizing organizations in 1977, the Alliance to Save Energy and the Atlantic Council, which Pilgrims Society front seeks to reunite America with Britain!






John T. Connor, Pilgrims Society, chaired Allied Chemical Corporation (a silver user for catalysts) and was a director of General Motors, General Foods, American Broadcasting Companies, the anti-silver Economic Club of New York and Chase Manhattan Bank and on the Rockefeller Commission to Investigate the CIA, was on the Coinage Commission that recommended the transition to cupronickel slugs, then he chaired Schroder's Bank, an entity with a troubling history...







Pilgrims Society member Lewis W. Douglas, for many years (circa late 1940's to at least mid 1970's) a vice president of the Society, presented an article sarcastically called "The Case for Monetary Reform" in the Mining Congress Journal, December 1965. On pages 52 and 54 we note Douglas crowing.

"There seems to be and probably ought to be, resistance on well-taken grounds to a sufficiently substantial increase in the price of gold.  No one, certainly not I, would denigrate the role which the IMF has played."

Douglas at the time he made his gold suppressive statement was a director of Newmont Mining Corporation! He was the son of an Arizona copper mining magnate with holdings in Phelps Dodge Corporation. He was Ambassador to England, 1947-1950 and chairman of Mutual Life Insurance of New York, 1947-1959. He was a director of International Nickel of Canada (INCO); Union Corporation of South Africa (gold); Western Bancorporation; Continental Oil; General Motors and others; director, Council on Foreign Relations, 1940-1964. He was a member of the Order of the British Empire and chaired the English Speaking Union, a Pilgrims Society subsidiary seeking to make English the world language. His daughter Sharman married Andrew M. Hay, Order of the British Empire, Churchill Foundation trustee, liquor magnate, president British American Chamber of Commerce, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain; the February 8, 1996 New York Times death notice on Sharman said she was a lifelong friend of British Royals. Andrew Hay is now a director of LCF Edmond De Rothschild Securities


The Fort Worth, Texas, Star Telegram, September 28, 1986, page 6-D featured these remarks about Lewis W. Douglas, and of course kept in the dark the fact of his membership in The Pilgrims Society...

"He helped launch the Marshall Plan, NATO and the creation of Israel. OVERRULING THE JUDGMENTS OF CONGRESS, LEGISLATORS AND EVEN PRESIDENTS ON THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL OF NATIONAL POLICY...FROM THE ROOSEVELT SUPREME COURT TO WATERGATE, he understood the internal dynamics of complex things like the New Deal and NATO better than any other American. Sharman Douglas became a friend of Princess Margaret and was photographed with members of the Royal Family and the diplomatic corps more often than was her father, WHO RECEIVED ORDERS AND HONORS FROM ALL THE COURTS OF EUROPE FOR HIS WORK WITH NATO. HE ACHIEVED AWESOME POWER IN WASHINGTON AND IN THE COURTS OF THE WORLD."

While this report is about who the grand scale silver stealers were/are, it's also about gold stealers, since it's the same faction. Many of these men are famous, but what's unknown is their association in this secretive organization of metals stealers. Gold only and silver only investors are in the same boat, and we best row together, because the same kraken waits below the waves to destroy us all!




The Earl of Cromer, executive committee, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was Governor of the Bank of England, 1961-1966 and a leader of the price depressing London Gold Pool. The Earl was Ambassador to the United States, 1971-1974 and member of The Order of the British Empire. He was also a director of the anti-precious metals International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Finance Corporation.

The Earl of Cromer was son in law of Viscount Rothermere, press magnate and Pilgrims Society member.

,_2nd_Baron_Luke Lord Luke of Pavenham, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was a director of the 56,000 employee Lloyds Bank, chaired by Pilgrims Society member Sir Eric Odin Faulkner. Lord Luke was a director of gold hedger Ashanti Goldfields (International Year Book & Statesmen's Who's Who, 1969, page 543).

From the leaked 1969 list of The Pilgrims of Great Britain we notice Sir William J. Keswick (1903-1990), director of the Bank of England, Sun Alliance & London Insurance, British Petroleum, Hudson's Bay Company and the Jardine Matheson conglomerate. The Keswicks have been associated with Anglo-Far East business since 1855 as principal owners and managers of Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank (HSBC, silver and gold short now being sued for price suppression). The Keswicks were also owners of the Indo-China Steam Navigation Company, the Canton Insurance Office Ltd, Hong Kong & Kowloon Wharf, Star Ferry, Hong Kong Tramway, the Hong Kong Land Investment & Agency Co Ltd, and the Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Company. Keswick chaired the Shanghai Municipal Council during the crisis that led to war with Japan and was with British Intelligence After World War II he took over Jardine Matheson operations in London. The company has roots, along with Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank, in the Chinese opium trade, in which vast quantities of silver were sucked out of China as payment for the 40 million or so opium addicts the Lordly British Aristocrats so magnanimously supplied. Often Chinese were made addicts at gunpoint. See "Silver Users And Opium" for details. also mentions its opium trade connections and the link to the Rothschilds, who were suspected, with the governors of the Bank of England, as responsible for the Crime of '73 (silver demonetization by the United States Congress). Jardine Matheson Tower in Hong Kong stands 52 stories and is also known as Connaught Centre, after The Duke of Connaught, (Prince Arthur, who was Governor General of Canada) and president of The Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, 1917-1942.

The opium addict, eyes bulging out of his head!

We take tea and crumpets before we go to bed!

Sooner or later he drops stone cold dead!

For him, not one British tear is shed!


Fortunes founded on opium, super megaton big shots!

Sabotaging silver and gold money, connect the dots,

Economists on board, the Trojan horse trots,

Churning out unbacked paper till it rots!




Alfred P. Hayes, Rhodes Scholar and Pilgrims Society member profiled here in "Paper Money Mobster Speaks," was president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1956 to 1975 when he became chairman of Morgan Stanley International, a firm famous for selling phantom silver and charging investors to store it; Hayes chaired the anti-silver Economic Club of New York, 1965-1966 and presided over the collection of 90% silver coins in the nation's largest banking district, sending them to the Treasury Department for melting into bullion later "auctioned" (i.e., gifted) to the predatory Silver Users Association in closed meetings conducted by the servile flunkies of the General Services Administration. Hayes for some reason reminds me of the wheel bug, whose bite causes more pain than a hornet sting and can actually take months to heal. Hayes was president of Lingnan University, Canton, China, 1947-1954 (it's now in Hong Kong) and the reader may wonder if there was a silver connection? This researcher always wishes he had more time.





Sir John Balfour, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, former Ambassador to Argentina and Spain, chaired the British & French Bank. At the same time Britain was flooding markets with bullion from melted Indian silver rupees, co-conspirators in France dumped silver from French Indo-China. Balfour also chaired United Bank for Africa (International Year Book & Statesmen's Who's Who, 1969, page 55).

Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, 1959-1977, Hugh Scott appeared on page 20 of the 1980 leaked list of The Pilgrims. He was predictably, another ally of the Silver Users Association.






Republican Senator from New York, 1957-1981, Jacob Javits, an ally of Pilgrims Society member Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, voted for everything the Silver Users Association wanted, including the termination of Constitutional silver coinage. Javits was guest of honor at a meeting of The Pilgrims of Great Britain, June 27, 1967; "The Pilgrims of Great Britain," 2002, page 197. No one is summoned to address the Society or be honored by it, who opposes their objectives of "the seizure of the wealth necessary".





Democrat Senator from Rhode Island (silversmithing state), 1961-1997, Claiborne Pell, great, great grand nephew of George Dallas, who was counsel to the corrupt, Crown/Rothschild connected second United States Bank in which the Astors and Du Ponts were powers; heir to the Lorillard tobacco fortune who married into the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea fortune, was as good a friend on Capitol Hill the Silver Users Association ever had. Pell's name, along with 3 other Pells, appeared on page 18 of the leaked 1980 list of The Pilgrims, New York...

His cousin, John Howland Gibbs Pell, Pilgrims Society, was president of Wall Street Investing Corporation. Another cousin, John Train, is a member, and was adviser to three Presidents and authored the national best seller "The Money Masters" (1994) which breathes not a whisper about The Society. Train's ancestry and associations are fascinating, bizarre, and disquieting.



On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon slammed shut the gold window at the Treasury Department so that foreigners holding United States dollars could no longer exchange these for hard gold; in that same move, Nixon additionally ordered a 90 day freeze on wages and prices (Fascism) which, when evidence became undeniable that the freeze was causing shortages of all manner of products and services, was reluctantly rescinded. "The Pilgrims of the United States" (2003) page 141 features the letter Nixon sent to The Pilgrims in New York dated March 24, 1969, on White House stationary, accepting their invitation to be honorary president of The Pilgrims of the United States. Richard Nixon, Pilgrims Society agent who ordered the gold window at Treasury slammed shut.

After this attack on gold (as in the imputed integrity of its largest holder) the Nixon administration, secretly another Pilgrims Society administration, imposed a Federal price cap of $1.61 per ounce on domestic mined on silver via his Cost of Living Council (Wall Street Journal, July 24, 1972, page 16). Way to go, Pilgrims Society!

Nixon's daughter Tricia married Edward Cox, son of Pilgrims Society member Howard Ellis Cox, an important Manhattan attorney.

At this link you can read about Louise Auchincloss Boyer, personal secretary to Pilgrims Society member Nelson Rockefeller. Mrs. Boyer fell (?) from her 10th floor apartment window on July 4, 1974, a week after allegedly disclosing that the Rockefellers were involved in looting Fort Knox of the national gold hoard. At the time Congressman Phillip M. Crane, Republican from Illinois, unsuccessfully pressed for a Congressional inspection of Fort Knox gold. Below, combative Pilgrims Society member Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller shooting the finger at student protesters at a Republican meeting in Binghampton, New York, in 1970. Seen at left is Senator Robert Dole of Kansas, who was a long time beneficiary of funds from Archer Daniels Midland agribusiness giant, which is called the "supermarket to the world." ADM currently is interlocked with J.P. Morgan's national advisory board.

Howard W. McCall Jr., Pilgrims Society (Who's Who In Finance& Industry, 1974, page 546), was president of Chemical Bank, 1966-1972. The bank got its name from dealings with the chemical industry, including Du Pont, and was a predecessor to current silver short JPMorganChase. McCall was on the executive council of the anti-silver American Bankers Association.

(Editors Note: This is Mr Savoie's indepth expose of the Pilgrim Society and its manevolent agenda To view all six parts, please follow these links: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] - JSB)

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